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Frequently Asked Questions






Who is eligible to attend?


Any student who will be six on or before September 1st is eligible to apply for the first grade.  Students applying for 2nd-5th grade need to be proficient in the foreign language of the program that they are applying to for this school year.  There is no beginners’ level in 2nd-5th grade.



When do I apply for admission to the magnet program?

Applications for the magnet program are accepted October 1st through January 15th . Applications received during this period will be considered for the next school year.



What will I need to submit with the application?

The application consists of the following: 

  • Completion of the Official School of Choice and Parental Option Magnet School Application fund at http://choice.dadeschools.net and mailed to the district.

  • Sunset Application Form (Completed by Parent)

  • Student Profile (Completed by Teacher)

  • Copy of Most Current Report Card (Current School Year)

  • Letter Size Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

  • 2 Proofs of Address (FPL Bill, Proof of purchase, Warranty Deed, Homestead Exemption or Property Lease Agreement)



What happens after I submit the completed application?

When you submit the completed application, you will be given an appointment date to bring in your child and have him/her tested.  Applicants entering first grade will be administered a Readiness Screening Test and applicants for Grades 2-5 will be administered a foreign language proficiency test and must be proficient in the foreign language. Eligible students who meet the eligibility criteria will be recommended to the program and entered in a random selection.  Students who are not eligible will not be recommended.



When will I know if my child is accepted or not to the magnet program?

Parents will be informed by the end of March.  Parents will have to accept/decline offer of admission by April of their application year.



For additional information, contact Tere Pujol Burns , Lead Teacher, at (305) 661-8527 ext. 139.