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The mission of Sunset Elementary is to provide our students with a comprehensive international education through language acquisition and innovative programs, facilitated by a highly qualified staff that will enable them to become world leaders. The International Studies Program is a dual language program implemented as a collaborative effort with the Ministries of Education of Spain, France, and Germany.  Educational Attachés from these countries have been working cohesively with Sunset Elementary’s administration, teachers, students and parents since 1986, providing curriculum, native textbooks, for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science, and sponsoring foreign teachers.  Students at Sunset Elementary’s International Studies Magnet Program are receiving instruction in Spanish, French, or German, as well as in English.  In addition to Language Arts instruction in the foreign languages, these students are also receiving Math, Science, and Social Studies in these foreign languages.  They are taught to apply the knowledge they have acquired of the language across the curriculum throughout all subject areas.  Presently, Sunset Elementary’s International Studies Program is the only internationally accredited magnet school in the United States to provide such a comprehensive, academically challenging program to elementary school children.  Due to the fact that the population of Sunset Elementary is a very diverse one, it is important to create awareness of all cultures in order to unify the school and create future world leaders.  At our school, we are able to accomplish this. The following quote drives this mission:  “I crave culture.  I want to see what lies over the horizon, experience the world, and learn from those who see it different from me.”


International Education is an integral part of the curriculum at Sunset Elementary.  The global theme is infused into all areas of the curriculum.  The vision of Sunset Elementary School is to provide our students with a world class-education.  Due to the fact that we have an international learning aspect in our International Education School of Choice, our student body is comprised of citizens who are responsible participants in our community, our nation, and our interdependent world.  It is clearly a benefit to society to produce global citizens which are aware of the importance of contributing both economically and globally.  There is no doubt that our students are properly prepared to become productive citizens of this global world being that they are actively engaged in learning about multicultural tolerance, roles and responsibilities of a citizen, custom and tradition awareness, languages, global warming, conservation, and many other global topics.


Students who are eligible to participate in the Pangea Gifted  Program are immersed in the rigorous study of Science and Mathematics.  Sunset Pangea Students are actively engaged in the ongoing development of the “Outdoor Classroom Project”, which stemmed from the “Challenge Grant for Gifted Collaborative Curriculum” which was awarded by the Department of Education.  They are continuously involved in the hands-on process of the acquisition of Science and Math skills through this outdoor classroom which incorporates global environmental issues.  Serving as active participants in numerous academic based competitions such as the Fairchild Challenge, The Green Schools Challenge, Every Drop Counts Poster Contest, Clean Up Green Up Poster Contest and the Math Bowl prepares them for our competitive Global World.


The Special Education program at Sunset Elementary provides students with emotional and behavioral disorders, learning disabilities and varying exceptionalities a general curriculum through an inclusive program.  They strive to address the diverse needs of the students, utilizing individualized approaches, instructional, therapeutic and behavioral realms into cohesive educational programs.  Specially trained classroom teachers, clinical staff, and paraprofessionals create instruction designed to meet the academic goals for students. 


The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Sunset Elementary is a project based investigation program in which the children are active participants as they expand the scope of their world through exploration, creative arts, and global projects.  This program teaches children about words, rhyming, parts of words, and alliteration using specific nursery rhymes.  Through cooperative and hands on activities, Pre-Kindergarten students begin their educational journey in preparing to be the future leaders of our International World.